Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CQC #122 - with love.....

First of all, I need to thank you for all of the heartfelt and kind words.
I am so grateful for all of my blogging friends.
And to those of you that shared your own stories with me, again, thank you. It was certainly helpful to know that I/we are not alone.

I am so happy to be back creating, although very, very, slow to start off!
I was able to scrape up enough mojo after seeing Arielle's colour scheme for this week to create a card for ColourQ.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!

While I was recently perusing Pinterest, (time suck galore!) I came across this technique that inspired me.

Now I'm sure you guys have seen it before, but saw it and really wanted to try it out.
(Click on the picture to head to Lori's blog)

She used a dye ink marker to colour onto one of her clear blocks, then sprayed it with a mister, then smooshed it onto her paper.
I used Distress inks and watercolour paper intead, following the same technique to create my card for this week.

As always, Arielle and the rest of the design team have some utterly amazing samples for you. So head on over to the ColourQ blog and have a look!

Plus there is a new addition to our ColourQ family, Jen Mitchell. We are so very happy to have her, and her beautiful creations.
When you have some time, check out Jen's fabulous blog.

Now it took me some time to create this little card, but once I did the ideas kept rolling in!

I have another card to share........with my leftovers!

And another, yet using different colours.

Thank you all again for being so sweet and for sticking by me in my absence!
Have a wonderful week. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

time for sharing

Hello everyone!

I've been debating for a little while on how to share this, but felt it was time.
Back in October I shared with you our wonderful news, we were having a baby.

Unfortunately, in early December we found out during our detailed ultrasound, at 20 weeks, our little one was not able to survive.

Both of Baby's kidneys were malformed and non functional, Multicystic Dysplastic kidneys. Which means that there was no urine/amniotic fluid production by the baby and the lungs did not/will not develop properly as a result.
It was a devastating turn of events, that resulted in me going in to the hospital just before Christmas (Dec19th) to be induced.
I did however, give birth to a very tiny but still amazingly beautiful baby boy, whom we named John Robert Curry, or J.R.

Being my first child it was both an absolutely amazing and heartbreaking thing.
And as sad as it was, I am grateful for the experience in general.

I will say, the nurses I had throughout my time in hospital were amazing. I work with nurses everyday, but when you are a patient you see a whole other side.

So to keep this post crafty, I am also sharing the mini cards I made for them as a thank you. (I also included some homemade goodies as well!)

There is some significance here, the butterflies.
At our hospital when the unit has a mother in going through something like this, to make staff aware, for privacy etc., they place a butterfly on the door. So I thought I would use one on my card.

Thank you so much for letting me share.

I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous holiday season and wish everyone much joy & happiness for the coming year.
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