Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowed in!

We got the motherload of snow overnight last night, so much so that I was convinced on my way home from work I was going to have to park at our community grocery store and walk in to my house! We recently moved into a newer community where there is still a lot of empty lots and the snow drifts into HUGE piles. Last time we got this much snow I had to park a few blocks away and walk as I couldn't get into our section.
Luckily that was not the case this morning. The benefit is that the construction workers still need to get to the sites and therefore plow so they can get in, long before the city would!

So since I can't do my running around and really don't feel like cleaning I decided to work on some Valentine's Day cards I was asked to make.

Here's one of a few I plan to make to give my co-worker a choice, for his wife!
The stamps are all PTI, as well as the cloud die and felt. The patterned heart paper is SEI.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. Beautiful. And a great sentiment. :)

  2. Such a great CAS design with some flair.

  3. Oh wow this card is simply drop dead gorgeous!! Love it!

  4. I love this adorable card. The simple design is perfect! Hope things warm up and melt real soon!

  5. CAS; pure beauty...sigh. ├Łour card is gorgeous!

  6. I found your card on pinterest and love it! So I did it my way!;-)
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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