Thursday, March 10, 2011

babbling post - reader beware!

I'm going to share a few things with you today. I started cardmaking because of my mom. She was THE most crafty person I know. She really could do it all. Papercrafting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, dollmaking, ceramics, painting, diy @ home. She really was/is my idol. 

My parents divorced when I was about 13 but my dad is a pilot so wasn't around much at all. My mom did just about everything, except anything to do with technology, that may have been her limit. Although, I will say that in the months before she passed away she was definately getting the hang of the internet and I bet would have been blogging up a storm by now! She would have really enjoyed all of the inspiration that is to be had here.

I guess the reason for the back story is just to share that crafting is close to my heart and is a way to feel close to her. I have gotten so into cardmaking, i think for the instant gratification, that I have neglected the other ways I enjoy being crafty. So occasionally there might be a few other posts here sharing some other things I have made.

Another love of mine is photography, especially close-up or macro shots of random everyday things. I need to take some more classes. My husband and I have made a "pact" that we will only put up artwork of our own creation. Which has unfortunately resulted in bare walls because neither of us has had the time to create anything. (He is a welder/bicycle mechanic by trade but is a fantastic artist.)

I wanted to share two non-card projects with you today. The first being a super super simple notebook. I love notebooks. I don't do anything with them, but I LOVE them. I am a hoarder of paper & pens, always have been!

I found these fantastic 3" x 5" sketchbooks at my local office supply store. So I created a cover out of white carstock and then searched through my massive collection of patterned papers and adhered it to the front. I used my Hero Arts typewriter letters set to stamp the "notes!".

The second thing I made recently was inspired by a picture from a CB2 catalogue. Now theirs are frames and I have no way of geting them since I live in Canada, so I decided to improvise.
I found some flat 11" x 14" canvases at Michaels (3 for $10, i think). Mixed some acrylic paint to the shade of grey I wanted, then painted them with a foam roller.
I think they turned out OK. The pictures are some of our engagement photos that I had blown up into various sizes and printed at Costco. Super cheap. I do plan on putting above the bed on a art self from IKEA once we figure out how we are going to decorate!

Thanks for putting up with such a long post! Have a great day!


  1. Kasia,
    What a wonderful post. I bet your mom would be so proud of you right now if she were still here. Seeing all of the people you have inspired with your blog alone. I just love learning more about you and your hobbies. Wow you have many layers to you girl. Your engagement photos rock and the frames turned out fabulous. Keep up with it and share whatever other artsy things you want, it is YOUR blog!

  2. Kasia, I just LOVE this post! I loved reading more about you and Brandi is right - your mom would be so proud of you! Those notebooks are the cutest and the photos are SO creatively done. I LOVE the tattoos and here's how small a world it is - my husband used to design bicycles! It's so cool that your husband works with them, too!!

  3. Ok, first I LOVE the back story. I think it's great to be YOU on your blog and talk about or show whatever is on your heart. I think we all love to know more about people. Secondly, I love those frames you made. So awesome! And the body art? Ah, you just shot up in my book. Love body art and I'm thinking about getting more when we head out to LA next week. I'd love for Kat Von D to ink me up..but enough on that tangent. I think you did a fab job on the frames and the notebooks are just too cute. Love the patterned papers you used!

  4. Hey - your post is very thoughtful, and I love the projects you've shared too -- and the rest of your stuff ain't too shabby, either ;)

    Anyway, I wanted to swing by and thank you for the delightful watermark I just got from Emily -- it totally rocks, and I'm thrilled to find another derby fan out in crafting world -- we'll have to chat about that soon!

  5. It's always fun seeing what everyone creates on their blogs but I really love the moments where I learn a bit about the people doing the creating. Thanks for sharing about your mom and how you keep her close to your heart through your crafting. :)
    Your notebooks are adorable (I hoard them too) and those frames came out brilliantly! Keep any and all creations coming, Kasia, they're all fantastic!

  6. How lovely to hear about your crafting past and the times you spent with your mom. It's spending time now down these things that means we can keep those who are no longer near close in our hearts.
    Thanks so much for sharing - and I love your notebooks and photo art ;)
    Hugs, Ruth S

  7. This post really touched me. And I can say we have a lot of things in common. My mum was amazingly talented too and she could create everything; just like your mother. She passed away 27 years ago and I am so proud to be one of her daughters. And I also want to share more things on my blog too; not only cards. There are a lot of crafts that I love but besides cards I only posted twice about a home made pie....

    Your mother will be proud of you. I think you're very talented.

    I love the engagement pictures and the way you framed them.
    It will be fun to see more and other creative projects besides cards from you!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. What an awesome post, Kasia. I feel like I know so much more about you now. I'm always nervous about putting so much of myself on my blog, but you might have just inspired me to do more of it. Plus, notebooks! I'm a notebook fiend, too!

  9. My Mom also gave me my love of creativity and crafting... she did so much as I was growing up too... and when she said she had a great new craft to show me back in 1996, I nearly ran the other direction! But I fell in love with card making. My Mom passed away in September 2010 after being diagnosed with cancer only 7 months earlier. Sometimes creating cards makes me sad now... but I agree, it also makes me feel close to her.


  10. Sorry to hear about your mom. I'm sure you miss her. What a wonderful way to connect with her! I am sure she is very pleased with you! Hugs!

  11. Where do I begin? First your mom sounds like she was amazing. My mom - as great as she is--not crafty-- at all! It's very cool to hear about all your mom's hobbies. She sounds like she was such a do-er. I admire do-er's and wish I was more so.

    2nd - LOVE the note books! And love that you will start posting other things that you have made. Hell, I post garage sale finds and see nothing wrong with posting anything we want. It is our blogs right?!!

    3rd - I heard that CB2 is coming to Canada so will now ship to Canada. However your frames ROCK. Love the frames and hello the photos are kick ass good.

    Last - your photographs in general amaze me. Your card pics just jump off the computer screen. I haven't a clue how to use my Nikon D90 and I've had it over a year now. If you're ever interested in giving tips to a newbie you know where to find me! lol.

    How is the new house living coming along?

  12. FYI I'm stalking you. We have so much in common! I too have taken a vow to not pay for art, because seriously I can make it myself! Except I haven't made anything! The only things on my walls are stuff that my dad has painted and taken pictures of. Lame, I know, because I take pictures all the time!

    Your canvas frames are GORGEOUS and I am totally stealing the idea.

    In a former life I taught knitting. I quit to play derby.

    I have plans to take this class - not so much for the photography aspect, but for the expressiveness part. Would be fun if we took it together!


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