Friday, July 22, 2011

just for fun

Hey everybody!
Just a quick non-card post, because I recently aquired an iphone, and I am SUPER excited about it!!
I LOVE it! It is so handy, GPS, phone, mp3 player,camera, laptop all-in-one. I feel the GPS alone is fully worth it. :)

I spent a large portion of last night trying to figure it all out......and play with one of my other favourite features, my Hipstamatic app.
It is a creative app for the camera, you can change films, lenses, flashes. And create some really cool stuff.
These are just a few pics of Stella that I took last night.

She was the only subject I had at the time (i do love taking pics of her though, cause she's so pretty!).
I do plan on playing around some more.
Thanks for looking! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. She's a beauty Kasia!
    I *soooo* wish we could have a dog, but long hours of work commitments etc mean it wouldn't be fair to leave a pupster shut inside for so long during the day.
    Sounds like you'll have plenty of fun playing with your new gadget anyhoo ;)

  2. Kasia, oh my daughter wants one so badly....great pictures of your dog.

  3. What a sweet doggie! Love your pictures, too -- isn't Hipstamatic fun?
    I'm also a fan of Camera+, which allows one to actually edit photos right on the iphone...and it's pretty cheap, too. Happy iPhone-ing -- I've had mine for a year, and I would feel lost without it!

  4. Too much fun... and you can play Angry Birds, too! :P

  5. WOW, Stella is beautiful and I can see why you love photographing her! Now I want an iphone. :P

  6. Stella is gorgeous; love the pictures!

  7. The iPhone 4, iPad and most recently the iMac are changing my life. My hubby thinks I'm crazy when I say that but i swear its true. I am a huge Apple fan now and I still have so much to learn. Thank god for the one to one lessons I purchaced.

  8. Oh who's a pretty hipster dog? Oh, Stella is!

  9. What a gorgeous dog!! What is she? At first, I thought she looked Borzoi-ish but then I thought more Collie?


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