Thursday, February 23, 2012

a kind gift & thank you

Since the last 6 months have been a little bit crazy, breaking my ankle and having to miss my trip to St. Lucia, getting pregnant and losing our baby @ 20 weeks, I have decided to get back to something I love.....rollerderby!

Now, yes I know, that's how I broke my ankle in the first place, but I must admit I am SUPER clumsy. And it really had nothing to do with derby except that it happened while I was at practice!!

Last week at practice, a few of the girls presented me with a little box. When I opened the box, there lay an adorable necklace with a sterling silver bean on it. Now to explain, when I told them I was pregnant, they asked how far along I was and how big the baby was. At that point the little one was the size of a kidney bean, so he was forever called "little bean".

It was such a sweet & thoughtful gesture! I had it engraved, and here's a picture.

Now it's hard to see, but it says "J.R. our little bean".
I absolutely love it.

Here is the card I made to thank them. :)

I was going to try to use our team colour, which is teal, but I couldn't find the right paper and yellow just went so much better with the star.

The sentiment and notes are Paper Smooches and the star is from a CTMH set.

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful day!  


  1. Kasia, how wonderful for you that you're getting back into roller derby! I know how much you love it. I am so happy that your friends welcomed you back with such a thoughtful gift; those are the little things that remind you how much you're loved by friends and the things you need in the wake of difficult times like you've had. They're gonna love your card, I am sure! I honestly think nobody rocks those Paper Smooches images the way you do!

  2. What a beautiful gift to treasure - such caring pals when you've had a tough time ;)
    Your card to say thanks is perfect. Now just don't go breaking any more bones, ok! Rx

  3. They seem like a super cool bunch! What thoughtful and clever idea! Love the fun card too!

  4. Wow! Wasn't expecting to cry this morning but this story is so touching. Those are some great friends to surround yourself with. Hugs to you friend! It looks like things are turning around for the better.

  5. I am so happy you are going back to something you love, Roller derby! :> What an amazing gift! My friend who also lost her baby at 20 weeks bought herself a bracelet in remembrance and wears it everyday. I love this necklace. Love this card, so fun!

  6. Arrr these are truly special friends Kasia, what a lovely thoughtful gift :0) so good to see you getting back to your favourite things! You card is awesome, in fact it rocks as well :0)
    Jenny x

  7. That is a beautiful gift, what a precious, and thoughtful gesture. I am misting up! :) **hugs** This card is so fun, the yellow is perfect! I also wanted to let you know I am giving you a blog award. You can check it out here at:

  8. i've been following your blog (and not commenting) for awhile now. i just love ALL your cards and "pin" just about every one. i don't know where i've been but i didn't realize your lost your little boy. i'm so sorry!! the heartbreak is just tremendous. i'm so glad to know that you have such amazing friends. plus now you have a "little bean" to always carry with you, besides in your heart.

  9. Oh, that gift makes me misty... So unique and thoughtful! Love the card, too! Have fun back in roller derby but hopefully you haven't given up on babies altogether! <3

  10. Wow, how important to have friends like that. Love the necklace, and what a perfect card to thank your teammates.

  11. That necklace is so incredibly sweet! I'm so glad you're getting back to roller derby. Clearly it makes you happy and you have a wonderful group of friends there. Just get out there and kick some ass for J.R.!
    And your card is gorgeous - love the little notes on the star!

  12. Welcome back to derby, girl! I'm so proud of you :)

    That necklace was so thoughtful, and I bet they all loved the card.

    Now go hit somebody!

  13. That is the sweetest gift ever! I love it! What awesome friends you have! Love the card too. : )


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