Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a couple of pics and an old"ish" card!


I have a card to share that I made a while ago for the Jan/Feb Papercrafts submission call. It's one of many that I submitted that unfortunately all were rejected!! But that's ok because I like them. :)

But first I want to share a quick pick of our new grass!!
I'm so EXCITED!!

The tiny little smidge of a tree is an Ornamental Crabapple. 
We got it so that it wouldn't bear fruit that Stella would be tempted to eat.
It blooms in the spring with these gorgeous pink blossoms.

Of course I had to add a picture of my gorgeous dog!!

She hates getting her picture taken, my hubby distracted her with treats while I snapped this super fast. 

The cards I submitted were all for the Guy valentine category. 
I had so much fun, I think I created 5 cards for that category alone!!

Here's one of my faves.

I sort of CASed the idea from a previous card I made here.
I have so many ideas using that same sort of phrase!!

Well that's my story for today!
I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Your grass is fabulous! There is nothing like the thrill of getting your grass put in, remember that well. I love your card, what a great sentiment and those stamps are so FUN.

  2. Hooray for fresh green grass! And let's hope it's not covered in white for a LONG time. :D This is a great card!

  3. Love the grass and love your house! Your front steps are fabulous! And Stella really is gorgeous! What's her breed?

  4. Fun card Kasia ;)
    And great news on the new lawn!! Love your pic of Stella too. Hugs, Rx

  5. Wonderful card (as always Kasia). Can't believe your cards were rejected, their loss! Love your new lawn, we have an ornamental crabapple next to our patio (here in Norfolk - England). It is so beautiful when it blooms and the scent is gorgeous, it attracts a lot of bees. Cute piccy of Stella too.

  6. That is really amazing.As if like magic.Great Art..

  7. Awesome card that totally should have gotten picked up!

    Stella really is gorgeous! Jemmy hated having his picture taken too. Wonder what it is about the camera that they don't like?


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