Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Babe!
So today is our 2nd (yep 2 whole years!!) anniversary.
This time is always bittersweet as we got married on the same long weekend that my mother passed away, and unfortunately my Babcia (grandma) passed away the morning of our wedding. We figure we are 1 for 2, so if we are blessed with a baby someday, hopefullly we will be able to bring one more happy thing to that weekend to make it even! Fingers crossed!

I will share the card I made for my hubby first, then I will share some wedding pics, so those that don't want to stick around don't have to!

All of the stamps are Kim Hughes, all except that little heart in the background (is from falling for you), are from her Cornish Heritage Farms sets.
I have always loved how Heather Pulvirenti uses little images to create wonderful subtle backgrounds, and I wanted to try it out.
Now Cam doesn't really have a thing for pirates or parrots, but I thought it was cute anyway, and he does have a thing for skulls. :)
The "you make my heart melt" sentiment is actually from a Christmas set.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
For those that want to see I have a few of my favourite wedding pics.
very casual!

my aunt performed the ceremony.

genuinely happy!

FYI, there was TONS of deer poop in that field!

my bouquet, irises were my moms favourite flower!

our amazing wedding party

my aunt built the tiers from plates and margarita glasses

Thanks for sticking it out through such a long post!
I hope everyone has a great week. We are heading to St Lucia at the end of the week to attend Cam's best friend's wedding. I can't wait!


  1. I can't imagine the sadness of having your grandma pass away on the morning of your wedding! but it looks like you had a wonderful day full of love and laughter nonetheless. I adore a beautiful outdoor ceremony and yours looked like a dream! congrats on 2yrs and cheers to many more happy years together.

  2. What beautiful pictures Kasia! Love your dress and your bouquet! Everything looked spectacular! Congratulations on two years together! I hope you have many many more. This card is stinkin' cute! LOVE that parrot and your bg stamping is the perfect touch!

  3. First, I love the card! It is such a sweet card with alittle 'bad boy' mixed in Second, your pictures are gorgeous. I love the setting - it's absolutely stunning. Your dress is beautiful and the cupcake tier is sweet. Thanks for sharing your pics and happy anniversary!!

  4. Happy anniversary! (Ours is tomorrow!) I think your card is super-cute, and those wedding photos are just gorgeous!! What a beautiful day it must have been.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy anniversary and I hope you have many more! Your wedding was gorgeous! So sad about your grandma passing on your wedding day. That must have been rough for you.

    Your card is perfect!

  6. Such an adorable card, happy anniversary to you!

    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Gorgeousness! Happy anniversary! We consider the august long weekend as our anniversary (if we remember...ha) as that is when we pretty much got together. 14 years later we are still happily shacked up. Hee. Wow, is your trip here already? Enjoy!!

  8. First of all, that card is TOO CUTE!!! Really original and manly! Bless your heart about the bittersweetness of your wedding day and memories of your mom and grandma (two angels looking over you, I am sure of that)! I pray for many continued blessings for you and your hubby! Find peace in the memories and new joy every day! Happy Anniversary!

  9. Such a wonderful post Kasia! Happy Anniversary! Your card for your hubby is fantastic and so is your photography. Memories are wonderful but sometimes they can be bittersweet too. Thinking of you my friend!

  10. I love the card; so cute!
    And I love the wedding pictures too :)
    You look so happy together; congrats on your anniversary!

  11. I loved reading your post and seeing the pics :)
    Happy Anniversary and I love your hubbies card, the stamping is just perfect :)
    Jenny x

  12. Happy Anniversary! This card is sooooo cute! Your hubby will love it! Your wedding pics are amazing! Did you coordinate the purple ribbon around your flowers with your tattoo because it makes it pop! Love it! Have a wonderful time in St. Lucia and take pics!

    P.S. I received my package in the mail this weekend and was so excited! The card you sent was one of my favorites! Thanks so much friend!


  13. Congratulations, you looked beautiful! Cute card too, by the way!

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! Such a sweet card!
    Your pictures are AMAZING and you look GORGEOUS!!! You both look truly happy :) Here's to many more happy years to come Kasia!!! Enjoy St. Lucia…so jealous :)

  15. Awww, happy anniversary, Kasia! I love your fun card and the gorgeous wedding photos. I don't know how everyone managed with the passing of your Babcia but when you mentioned a future baby... my heart totally leapt for you. Fingers crossed! ;)

  16. Your wedding photos are amazing! So glad you shared them here today. Your card for your hubby is just adorable, and the background you stamped is just perfect. Happy anniversary!

  17. *sigh* I love that shot with the flowers and you two fuzzed in the background... Soooo pretty! How poignant to have your mom's fav flower in your bouquet... Such a happy-sad weekend!

  18. LOVE that pirate set and your card is perfect! Your wedding pictures are amazing- I hope you all the happiness for many more years to come!

  19. Definitely a day with a lot of mixed memories for you. Your wedding pics are gorgeous! And I love this fun card... especially the background you created!

  20. Too many things to say...

    Beautiful photos! Looks like a fantastic wedding! Love the setting and casual feel! I'm sorry it's such a bittersweet weekend for you! Nice of your family to wait to tell you but hard to find out so long afterwards.

    Yay for 2 years! Happy Belated Anniversary! Our Anniversary is at the end of the month but we're going on 11 years. Yikes, how did that happen?! : )

    Love the card! Love the skulls and the natural paper!

    The last part about St. Lucia makes me so sad! Boo to broken ankles! You'll get to go some where tropical soon enough!

  21. first off....amazing photos!! WOW! I loved seeing those Kasia! Your card is super cute! He will love it!!


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