Tuesday, April 17, 2012

faux letterpress fun

Hey there!
I'm posting for a second time today, 
see my ColourQ post here

I recently purchased some fun embossing folders by Spellbinders,
and decided to play around with the faux letterpress technique.
I was really impressed with how it turned out!

Now I have tried this technique before and been less than impressed with how things turned out. Now, chances are it was user error!!
This time I used chalk ink and just sort of rubbed it along the raised section that I wanted to impress. I also used the folder as a "plate" instead of a folder, like how you would use the PTI embossing plates.

                                  You can click on the
pictures for the direct
link to the products!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Well. You've just sold these to me!! GORGEOUS card!

  2. Must try your technique with these folders! I found I really had to change my 'sandwich' for these folders. ps Great card Kasia!

  3. Wowsers, great job with this technique Kasia - I have never tried it but it always looks so impressive. Now I will have to give it a go I think!! Rx

  4. I really must try this technique; I've seen some fabulous results, including this card!!! Fabulous!

  5. Ooh, nice! I love using this technique... when it turns out. :P Yours certainly did!

  6. This is a very cool, clean and simple card.


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