Tuesday, March 6, 2012

eeeeeek! my first layout!!

I'm back with another post today because I am so proud of myself!
I mentioned earlier I have had a whopper of a headache, so what do I do?
Well sit at the computer for a couple of hours!! What else?

My plan was to do some blog hopping to check out what everyone has been doing over the last week, but somehow I ended up creating my very first
digital layout.

So what do you think?

I had a lot of fun making it.

I have been hoarding free kits from all over, and slowly purchasing kits on sale that were my style, for the last 6ish months. While I was off work with my broken ankle, I took a class by Jessica Sprague called Up & Running with Photoshop.
I love her classes, she is so easy to learn from, speaks clearly, and gives you the tools (except photoshop!) to be able to work along with her as you go.
I highly recommend any of them.
I have also taken 2 of her photo editing classes, which were excellent as well.

Thanks for letting me share. I am kind of shocked by the whole thing really!!

Take care & thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. Awesome first layout!
    And I forgot to say, I sympathize with your pounding head... I've been the same way since the weekend. :( Hope we're both better very soon!

  2. Yay! Congratulations! Your first page rocks! You would be killer at hybrid/paper layouts and mini albums too!

  3. What a great idea to have taken those classes when you had your broken ankle!!! :> I ABSOLUTELY love your LO! I prefer the look of digital LO's to scrapbooked! :> It's on my list to learn too!

  4. Awesome job Kasia! LOVE this LO!

  5. Whoop whoop on your first layout! It's awesome! Can't wait to see what's next. :)

    Hope your head is better today. I had a pounder yesterday. Had my annual eye check-up and they put way more atropine in one eye than the other so one pupil was huge for the rest of the day. Fastest way to a headache!

  6. Good for you! I recently made my first digital layouts too since I've been taking a class at Scraps N Pieces. (only I've been collecting kits for years, so pat yourself on the back for not waiting as long as me!)

  7. Wow - great job on this fab layout Kasia! I have never tried digi scrapping (and I'm pretty much a novice at real-life scrapping too) - but this is totally inspiring ;)
    Hope your head is feeling better, Rx

  8. Wow, what a great first digital page! I love the font and how large the sentiment is, and the neat arrow and colors. I can tell this won't be your last!

  9. I think it's fabulous Kasia! I'm still a 'real' beginner when it ocmes to photoshop etc. Well done!

  10. It's fabulously funky! I love your style!

  11. Well you've done a fab job Kasia, and you've kept it true to your CAS style....love it :0)
    Hannah took a Jessica Sprague class when she started digi scrapping and hasn't looked back since.... It'll be her only way to scrapbook when she's at Uni :0)
    Jenny x

  12. great first digi layout! i guess it's very encouraging to continue... i must admit i'm more of a paper girl, but i am sooooo behind! digi is much quicker.
    thanks for your comments on my blog ; )

  13. Dude, you've come over to the dark side! Yesss!
    So cool that your first layout is digi -- it looks amazing!

    I don't think I'll ever have patience for photoshop, but if I do, now I know where to learn it -- thanks for the tip!

    Keep up the scrapping -- it's addictive :)

    PS: derby "season" doesn't really end around here, but I have scaled back my participation -- been a crazy semester. Hope getting back to skating has been going well for you!

  14. Wow, this doesn't look digital at all! I think it's fabulous and I hope to see more layouts from you, Kasia!

  15. Wow this is wonderful! You did great with this and I agree with Emily that it doesn't look digital! You're a natural I'd say! :)


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